Tina Sue Norris, CDA, TDA, a nationally recognized decorative painter, has a talent not only for creating packets of charming designs that others can paint, but also for teaching technique and theory in a way that inspires all who attend her classes.

Tina studied art at Kent University and independently with various decorative artists.  She previously owned two craft stores and has published articles in a variety of magazines.  An annual series of her paintings appears on nationally distributed tins.

Tina teaches and lectures at national trade shows and for organizations and fine art associations.  If your group would like Tina to teach a workshop or series, please call or write for more information. 

Tina says, "Develop a taste for the untried and remember that every person making art today started out as a beginner.  It doesn't matter what your skill level, as long as you are open to learning.  Being a beginner includes the exhilarating feeling of possible discovery.  It takes courage and it doesn't happen instantly, but learning cultivates creativity, and the process begins."

"Creativity is a basic part of our humanity and exists in endless supply in all of us.  We need to be aware of its existence; then we can decide how to use it.  Painting is just one means to be creative.  The process is the best part; the product is a side benefit.  Most of us lose our artistic urges along the path of life.  Decorative painting helps many people regain the joy we felt as uninhibited kids, when it was OK to have fun expressing ourselves with art.  To me it is more than a way of doing things, its a way of being."

Tina Designs
11170 Caroline Acres Rd
Ft. Mill, SC  29707
(803) 802-2774


Member & Teaches at the Following Conventions:
Society of Decorative Painters (SDP)
Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA)
National Audubon Society
Heart of Ohio Tole Inc.
Las Vegas Creative Painting Convention




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